Best Diet Pills That Work in 2020


PhenteRipped diet supplement uses some caffeine, which means that it might cause jitters, insomnia, and other predictable side effects for some. However, most of the ingredients in PhenteRipped are stimulant-free, and the formula itself generally seems like a safe option.

A Few Key Ingredients in PhenteRipped Diet Pills

Caffeine anhydrous – A basic ingredient, Chromax can be found in virtually every major diet pill. It has been clinically proven to burn fat, and it seems to enhance your body’s energy levels too.

Raspberry ketones – Raspberry ketones are completely stimulant free. This raspberry extract can be used to promote a lipolytic fat burning effect, increasing metabolism and mobilizing fat. It has been through extensive clinical trials, and it continues to help many users to lose weight with fairly small amounts and no stimulants.

Green coffee bean extract – Green coffee bean extract is partly based on caffeine, which can be used to produce a thermogenic fat burning effect. However, it also has an active ingredient called Svetol, which has been clinically proven to produce a fat burning effect without any stimulants.

Phenylethylamine – Nicknamed the “love drug” in chocolate, phenylethylamine is a natural amphetamine that has been used to produce feelings of wellbeing and “euphoria.” However, weight loss supplements use it because like prescription Phentermine, it can also suppress appetite, cutting your calories. The difference is that it is not known for causing serious side effects.

Synephrine – Synephrine is a chemical cousin to ephedrine, and it can be used to burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy levels. However, according to reports, synephrine is safer than its cousin, producing the same strong effects without as many risks.

Evodiamine – Evodiamine acts as a natural and stimulant free fat burner. Found in evodia ruteaecarpa, this ingredient has been used to create a lipolytic fat burning effect. It has been one of the most popular stimulant free fat burners, and it only requires 200mg.

Is PhenteRipped Diet Pills Worth It?

PhenteRipped diet pill uses ingredients that have been through extensive clinical trials, and most of these weight loss ingredients have the added perk of being stimulant-free. The PhenteRipped ingredients are backed by multiple clinical studies, making it clear that as long as PhenteRipped uses the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient, it is well equipped to help you to lose more weight.

PhenteRipped weight loss supplement lists the individual amounts of each ingredient, and it actually has more than enough of some ingredients such as Chromax, which only requires 200mcg, but PhenteRipped has 500mcg. To us, this means that PhenteRipped is more than equipped to make it easy for you to lose more weight.

ThermoFuel Lite Diet Pills

NutraBio, the designers of ThermoFuel Lite Fat Burner, claim to have a product that uses all natural ingredients to help users burn fat at a steady rate through its powerful and pure blend of components.
This product recommends employing a workout routine in conjunction with this supplement, as well as a healthy diet. As always, we need to take a look at the ingredients to see if ThermoFuel Lite Fat Burner can really deliver you the results it promises.


•Advantra Z – This is an excellent fat burning ingredient owing to the fact that it can increase a body’s metabolic and thermogenic rates. This ingredient is also an appetite suppressant and helps retain lean muscle mass.
•Green Tea Extract – Green Tea has been shown to contain antioxidants; which help the body healthily lose weight all while cleansing the body of free radicals.
•Cayenne Pepper – Much like Advantra Z, this is a great fat burning ingredient because it is also able to to speed up a body’s metabolism and fat burning rates.
•White Willow Bark – As it turns out this ingredient has been proven to be very effective when united with Advantra Z and Green Tea Extract. This effective combination can increase the thermogenic rate of a body and help boost muscle mass.
•Vitamin B6 – This ingredient is effective in breaking down carbs, giving your body the energy it needs to burn fat.


As we have seen in the ingredient list, ThermoFuel Lite diet supplement does contain some proven and effective ingredients that can help in weight loss. Also comforting are the all natural ingredients used in this product, which means that harmful side effects are not likely.


Although there is a complete weight loss supplement list for this product, we were not able to find the dosage amounts. So even though ThermoFuel Lite Fat Burner contains many proven ingredients, we don’t know if they are in effective amounts. 
We also weren’t able to find any consumer reviews, good or bad, so it is difficult to determine how the public is reacting to this product.


While ThermoFuel Lite diet supplement makes some good promises, it is difficult to say exactly where it stands due to the lack of dosage amounts and consumer reviews. Without this information, we cannot fully recommend this product for use. Try to find a weight loss supplement that fully discloses its ingredients so you can be sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Thermogenesil Diet Pills

Thermogenesil is a multi-dimensional diet pill aimed at attacking fat from several different angles. Thermogenesil describes a formula specially engineered to burn fat and suppress appetite with clinically proven weight loss ingredients. It does not hide behind proprietary blends, and Thermogenesil weight loss pills even note individual studies on each of its ingredient on the main site.

No Unbelievable Expectations

Many people who are going to use or already take some diet pills, both synthetic and natural ones, think that these pills can solve all their body weight problems. But the reality is far from idealistic expectations of people who don’t want to undertake any weight loss efforts. Instead, these people wait for the magic effects of medications and supplements claimed to decrease the body weight.
Regardless of origin, the dietary remedies are developed to only support your own slimming strategy. By the way, more studies have to be conducted to fully reveal the benefits which the diet pills may provide. The prescription pills traditionally have better clinical background.

Thus, in 2016 the experts represented a review which described 28 long-lasting studies of prescription anti-obesity medications. According to the scientists, the individuals who manage to amend own lifestyle habits are much more likely to reach “clinically meaningful” slenderizing gains with the help of prescription diet medications within a period of 365 days.

As for clinically meaningful bodyweight reduction, it means that overweight people shake off enough pounds to substantially decrease the likelihood of development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other serious medical conditions. It’s typically necessary to lose at least 5% of the body weight to achieve the mentioned effects.

You should also realize that the percentage of body weight which people get rid of during the clinical trial can be more impressive than the weight loss in real life.

As for the over-the-counter diet pills, they can’t ensure the powerfulness peculiar to the prescription medications. And it will take much more time to promote the body weight reduction when using the natural anti-overweight supplements.

So, it’s obvious that both the intake of prescription weight loss pills and the supplementation with all-natural dietary supplements are effective only if they complement the revise of your lifestyle and the adherence to healthy habits.

Tell Your Doctor about Your Weight Loss Intentions

If you have already taken an important decision to use any diet pills, even the most reliable and high-quality ones, you should first of all inform your healthcare provider about your intention. The healthcare practitioner should know about your weight reduction plan if you aspire to succeed on the way to a slim and healthy body.

You may wonder why it’s obligatorily to reduce the body weight only under the medical expert’s supervision. This is especially true if you choose the prescription drugs. Thus, you will not have a possibility to purchase such medications if you don’t receive a prescription from your doctor.

Also, these medications have an extremely strong action which may be not only curing, but also destroying. If you suffer from any diseases and/or take the other medications, your doctor should be aware of your available health problems. The healthcare provider considers your state of health when deciding to prescribe the diet pills. Due to this, you will ensure your health protection and at the same time lose hateful pounds quite quickly.

Even if you choose the all-natural weight loss pills, the doctor’s consultation is very useful. Though these products contain only natural components such as herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, etc., they may interact with the medications or other supplements you take simultaneously.

Also, if you practice a serious, healthy approach to the weight loss, you should also rely on the nutritional specialist’s assistance. The dietitian will control your weight loss process and correct your efforts if necessary.

The FDA Precautions

The natural diet pills may feature quite a high efficacy and can provide a worthy support for all your weight loss attempts if you are sure of their safety. It means that it’s very important to choose a reliable source of such pills in order not to fall between two stools.

The FDA is expressing more and more concern about the non-artificial supplements for the body weight reduction. The growing number of these supplements leads to the increase in doubtful remedies which are packed with unsafe undeclared active substances. These so-called “natural” diet pills are the frankly scammy products which.

They will be useless as a minimum if you are lucky enough. If you don’t, they may seriously harm your health.

The FDA admonishes of using the questionable weight loss pills claimed to be natural. According to the FDA, since these pills are filled with undeclared pharmaceuticals, they become the illegal medications with completely unapproved efficacy and safety.

The healthcare providers tell that the intake of such doubtful remedies can provoke many terrifying consequences. Among these consequences, it’s possible to distinguish dramatic hypertension, convulsionary attacks, and intoxication in the combination with the other drugs. And if these negative effects occur, the physicians often have problems with diagnostics of the true reasons which caused the damage to the health.

So, it’s obvious that the safety of the non-synthetic weight loss pills from the unknown manufacturers is just a game of chance. If you don’t want to sacrifice your health, your approach to the choice of the natural anti-overweight supplements should be very responsible.

The Most Popular Diet Pills Ingredients

There are many natural active ingredients which are considered to be well-working when it comes to the weight loss. But still some of these ingredients enjoy the greatest popularity. It’s actually possible to find these natural components in almost all the most trustworthy diet pills of natural origin. These components are as follows:

  • Caffeine: Everyone knows about the stimulatory effects of this active substance in abundance available in coffee. Dark chocolate and green tea area also very rich in this psychoactive component. Caffeine works as a metabolism enhancer. For these reason, the manufacturers of the dietary supplements frequently include it to their products.
    According to the short-term clinical trials, caffeine is able to increase metabolic rate by 3-11% and enhance fat destruction by approximately 29%. But these effects are short-lasting and quite modest if to rely just on caffeine. Since caffeine is a stimulator, it may disturb your sleep. That’s why you shouldn’t overdo with it.
  • Glucomannan: This is a natural fiber available in abundance in elephant yam, especially in its roots. This fiber has strong water-absorption properties. It becomes similar to gel after the water absorption. In such a way, it contributes to a much better satiety and hence to the reduction of the daily calorie intake. This component is often added to the all-natural diet pills.
    The clinical trials provided evidence that this natural ingredient enables people to shake off up to 8-10 pounds during the 5-week supplementation. But this supplementation should be accompanied with a healthy nutrition.
    In addition, Glucomannan improves digestion and decreases the levels of triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol. These effects also promote the weight loss.
  • Green Tea Extract: This is an all-natural compound common for a wide range of diet pills. The manufacturers of the natural anti-overweight supplements give preference to this ingredient because there is a scientific proof of its high antioxidative potential. In particular, green tea extract contains EGCG which is an antioxidant responsible for the fat melting process.
    This natural component acts by giving a boost to norepinephrine effects. The latter one is a hormone known for its ability to stimulate fat burning. The studies have indicated that the extract derived from green tea really has the power to intensify fat destruction. This mostly refers to the belly fat.
    Green tea extract is rich in caffeine similarly to coffee. That’s why you shouldn’t take too much of this ingredient if you have difficulties with falling asleep.
  • Forskolin: The non-artificial diet pills often have Forskolin in their ingredient content. This is actually an extract got from the mint family herb famous for the natural weight-decreasing qualities. There is a clinical proof that Forskolin can elevate the levels of cAMP. The latter one is a naturally-occurring component that activates the process of melting fat in the human body.
    The study has also indicated that the Forskolin supplementation helped 30 male participants with overweight and obesity to decrease body fat percentage and develop muscle mass. But the other clinical trial that involved 23 female participants with excessive weight hasn’t demonstrated too promising results of such a supplementation. So, it’s clear that Forskolin is more helpful for the men than for the women. Still some additional studies are necessary in order to find out exactly to which extent Forskolin is effective during the weight-loss journey.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid: This acid is a highly potent ingredient which has been long notable for its natural fat reduction action. Conjugated linoleic acid belongs to the non-harmful trans fats which emerge in foods such as butter and cheese in a natural way.
    The scientists found out that this acid being present in the high-quality diet pills suppresses the hunger feeling, speeds up metabolic rate, and activates fat breakdown.
    Also, the review of 18 independent clinical trials has shown that conjugated linoleic acid aids people in shedding approximately 0.2 pounds of excessive weight on the weekly basis within the timeframe of 6 months. In addition, the study conducted in 2012 has indicated that conjugated linoleic acid gives an opportunity to get rid of up to 3 lbs in comparison to the intake of placebo.
    There is some evidence that the use of this natural acid may lead to a range of digestive issues. That’s why you should be careful when taking this substance separately.
  • Bitter Orange: A special kind of orange known under the name of bitter orange is effective for the all-natural body weight loss. It serves as a well-working weight-loss agent due to the presence of a natural active substance called synephrine. This natural substance has the mechanism of action similar to ephedrine which in its turn won fame of a strong the anti-overweight agent. Though ephedrine is forbidden for its dangerous adverse reactions, bitter orange is a natural ingredient and can be found in numerous weight loss pills of non-synthetic origin.
    The effects of naturally-occurring synephrine are not as powerful as the effects of ephedrine. But they are still enough to give a boost to the fat reduction process and to the suppression of enormous appetite. The studies have also demonstrated that synephrine contained in bitter orange leads to the development of short-time weight-loss results. And the preservation of these results requires additional body weight decrease efforts.
    You should know that bitter orange is not always safe for the heart. And this is especially true if you have some heart issues. That’s why you should display vigilance if you are going to use bitter orange in order to lose weight.

So, it’s possible to take different natural weight-loss ingredients separately or they are inside the formulas of the advanced non-artificial diet pills. But when choosing these natural compounds, you should study everything about their safety and possible effects in order to know whether they are suitable exactly for you.

Are Prescription Weight-Loss Pills Better?

Many people still think that it’s much more reasonable to use the prescription diet pills in order to super boost the body weight decrease process. The most frequent choices of overweight people are Qsymia, Belviq, Contrave, and Phentermine which are all the prescription medications.

Though people pick these drugs counting on their extraordinary efficacy, the reality differs from the expectations. The study conducted in 2014 provided evidence that the prescription anti-obesity drugs averagely make people get rid of just 3-9% of their body weight as opposed to placebo. That’s why it’s advisable to choose much safer and healthier weight-loss options.

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