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Just like every natural and artificial product human growth hormone releasers which contain only natural ingredients can still have their side effects. Even if one takes a fruit or certain vitamins, some people with particular health conditions can experience adverse effects and reactions. This webpage is designated for the readers who are contemplating whether to use hgh releasers or not and learn about the possible hgh side effects. Whilst we are of the opinion and believe that most hgh releasers are safe and effective, may we remind you that whenever you take any supplements / pills or other similar products that can change your body or your biological and chemical processes always consult qualified persons before. Some non-prescription drugs bought over the internet or even locally can be very harmful and we do not encourage their use!

Having said this, don’t be fooled and mistake HGH releasers for HGH supplements or the harmful HGH injections. We have already explained the difference and harms that these methods carry with them. If you haven’t done so, then please read more here. On the other hand most hgh releasers are safe and contain only natural ingredients and amino-acids including but not limited to: L-5-HTP, GABA, Green Tea, GTF Chronium, Alpha-GPC, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, Glutamine, etc… Some of these we shall be taking a look at them further below. For further information on a complete list on growth hormone side effects consult a qualified person as this depends on the specific hgh releaser you choose, since some are made up of different ingredients than others.

Human growth hormone- A word of caution

The below list consists of the major growth hormone effects that an increase of human growth hormone causes in our body.

Usage: HGH diminishes potassium and limits the actions of insulin. Hence, borderline diabetics and diabetics are advised not to use HGH or else to use human growth hormone releasers with care. Furthermore, people who have not accomplished their bone growth (eg: children and teenagers), lactating or pregnant women, persons with metal problems and cancer patients are advised not take amino acid based substances that will cause the secretion of other substances. Hgh releasers are one of these amino acid based substances.

A major problem associated with an increase of hgh if this is not controlled is and increase in testosterone in our body. Although we can benefit greatly from this, it can also result in a number of other ill effects:


In some cases human growth hormone releasers can cause acne to develop or else aggravate in some users. This is as a result of high levels of testosterone produced by HGH releasers, which cause glands in the body to produce high amounts oil. This oil can in turn, clog pores in the skin and sometimes this leads to acne development. If you bathe regularly it will help you to avoid this hgh side effect.

Prostate Issues

For users of human growth hormone releasers prostate issues can develop or even worsen. Prostate enlargement can arise from the excessive testosterone levels in our body. This condition can be very bothersome, and may cause the person/s experiencing it to have difficulty with passing of urination. Males over the age of 30 are more susceptible to the development of prostate issues than others hence conduct a prostate exam before using human growth hormones.

Behavioral Changes

The increased level of testosterone produced for hgh use can cause behavioral issues to develop in some people including: anxiety, aggression, depression and other psychological changes. Immediately seek medical attention if you experience these problems.

Liver Problems

Just like all substances, if not taken as instructed, hgh releasers can account for liver damage. The liver is responsible for filtering excess testosterone from our blood and thus, if too much testosterone is present, the liver has to work harder to remove it. If this continues over an extended period, liver damage can occur and in acute cases, liver failure. Those who have pre-existing conditions affecting the liver, should avoid using human growth hormone products.

Hgh releasers ingredients & their side effects

After having reviewed how hgh releasers should be used and their possible side effects because of increased testosterone levels, below mentioned are the side effects of some natural ingredients found in hgh releasers. This is not the full list but includes the most common ingredients that major hgh releasers use.

L-Arginine & L-Ornithine amino acids

As already mentioned growth hormone depletes potassium and hinders the actions of insulin hence diabetics and borderline diabetics should not use HGH releasers, except under a physician’s supervision. L-Ornithine and L-Arginine might improve or deteriorate diabetic conditions.
L-Ornitine and L-Arginine sometimes can reactivate latent herpes virus infections. Persons who previously suffered from brain or ocular herpes should not use these amino acids to avoid any potential side effects.

L-tyrosine amino acid

Certain cancers may depend on this amino acid to fuel and stimulate their growth, hence cancer patients should avoid taking this L Tyrosine. L-tyrosine has mood enhancing properties so anyone on antidepressants should consult his/her doctor. Use of L-tyrosine may also raise blood pressure.


Gaba (gamma aminobutyric acid) is generally safely accepted. The only side effects which include a mild tingling around the face / neck area and changes in hearth rate and breathing patterns are normally harmless and short lived. GABA also encourages a sedative effect.

L-Glutamine amino acid

L-glutamine is another amino acid found in HGH releasers and has shown to be safe in high doses. Possible effects are few and mild, these include: diarrhea, upset stomach, diarrhea and/or bloating. Rarely glutamine use can induce mania in those with bipolar disorder.

A final note

HGH is a natural occurring hormone and certain natural ingredients can help to increase hgh production in your body and in turn you will benefit from anti-aging properties, increased muscle toning and overall general health. However like all natural products some may not be suited for you and so you should never use hgh without talking to your physician first. Moreover, it is important that if you are using hgh releasers you follow the directions given.

Should HGH Supplements also known as HGH Releasers be used as an alternative to HGH Injections Somatropin?

To summarize in short, information contained in this website about HGH, these are naturally occurring hormones found in our body and are produced and secreted by the pituitary gland to help our body to grow when we are still young. However, with the onset and start of adolescence, there is a significant drop in the amount of HGH produced by the glands. HGH plays a vital role in the metabolism and any deficiency of these hormones is responsible for fat, deposition, early signs of aging, low immunity and reduction in muscle mass.

In adults, HGH is prescribed by doctors and professionals for persons suffering from growth deficiency problems. However, a high level of human growth hormones in adults has a lot more benefits to offer. HGH can be slowly increased naturally and amongst the most important benefits include: anti-aging properties, muscle building, cellulite reduction and a greater improved libido (sex drive). With the advance in technology, there are now more effective external alternatives which can be taken to balance the level of HGH in our bodies when they begin to decline with maximum effect. These may include: hgh releasers in the form of supplements, hgh injections, and hgh boosters (sprays and pills). This page offers guidance on all of these alternatives which is the safest and which option should be used for and in which situations.

HGH Releasers

The general perception is that hgh injections are the best solution for boosting your HGH levels because they are the most expensive option usually around 2,000 dollars a month. The truth however, is that there are much safer and more affordable solutions on the market which due to their natural properties can easily be obtained without prescription. These are called HGH releasers.

HGH releasers are designed to trigger the HGH production within your pituitary gland. Once such example is HGH Advanced which by using a unique combination of natural GABA, Alpha-GPC, 5-HTP and GTF Chromium (to name a few), these natural ingredients stimulate our pituitary gland to produce and generate more human growth hormones. Such HGH releasers can contain amino acids such as L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-ornithine and L-lysine. These amino acids are common among sports persons above the age of thirty.The result would be a more youthful and healthier looking skin and overall well being. An increased improvement in immunity, skin elasticity, metabolic rate, muscle toning and energy will be observed.

Due to the natural properties of these products, this is considered as one of the safest HGH solution and when compared to other alternatives it is relatively cheap. Most important is that this type of HGH solution works! See what other people are saying.

So whether you are an athlete and want natural alternatives to boost your lean muscle, whether you’re looking to look and feel younger and more energetic or whether you’re looking to be healthier HGH releasers would be your best alternative.

HGH Injections – How dangerous they can get?

Hgh injections are a synthetic form of HGH which are prescribed by a doctor for people who suffer from growth deficiencies. HGH injections are the best way to provide the body with HGH but there are various problems associated with this alternative. The problem with this HGH alternative is that apart from needing to get a prescription a doctor – at a cost of $40-$30 per injection, 4-2 times a day – HGH injections can be incredibly dangerous to our health.

Problems arise from the injection’s incorporation of the synthetic Human growth hormone called somatropin, which your body views as a foreign agent. This causes our body to react and attack this foreign substance, with the result that this ‘inner battle’ can cause the following negative side effects which can be damaging to our long term health:

Permanent liver damage.
Heart attack.
Kidney failure or permanent kidney damage.
Increased risk of cancer.
Allergic reactions.
Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Insulin resistance.
Water retention.

By looking at this list of negative side effects it is easy to see why HGH injections are only available by prescription from qualified professionals. This type of HGH is usually advised by a doctor after a number of tests are conducted and the body showed a significant deficiency which could be detrimental to a person’s health, for example stunted growth. Renowned for causing conflicting side effects, such as ridding diabetes and insulin resistance in some in others; depending on the dosage, quality, and the human body, will depend on how badly the body reacts to these synthetic injections.

People who are searching to increase their lean muscle, reduce cellulite, counteract the signs of aging and various other benefits that HGH is renowned for should NEVER attempt to even look at this alternative. Other natural safer options are available without needing a prescription.

HGH pills containing human growth hormones

As with every supplement or medication, before one begins to take any it is best to investigate exactly what it does to his/her body. To believe that it is going to work on your body by taking hormones will not please everyone. It is important to know what is happening deep inside your body to decide and appreciate whether a HGH booster suits your requirement or not. It is therefore essential to understand how each HGH alternative works.

As we understood, as already mentioned above, Human Growth Hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland in our body. This hormone then stimulates the production of other hormones and proteins which help our body to flourish and grow. Another alternative are HGH pills which contain human growth hormones themselves but these are not without their problems.

One needs to be careful when using these type of HGH pills. Reason being is that if these pills were somehow able to bypass our digestive system then they would be quite effective even more than releasers. However, the problem is that up to 95% of their potency is lost during digestion with the result that the HGH is destroyed before it has had chance to benefit our body.

Clearly, the best form of HGH Pills are HGH releasers which their natural properties encourage the glands to produce HGH in a natural way.

HGH Sprays

HGH in the form of sprays are the other alternative to tablets or injections. These can be a good alternative to those who don’t like to take tablets or would prefer something much simpler. However, their effectiveness is questioned as is shown below. Sprays and tablets are certainly the cheapest and safest way of boosting our HGH supply. We have already studied how tablets work in the form of releasers or HGH pills however, what about sprays?

HGH sprays are have a tendency to contain quite a strong citrus taste, which one may finds off-putting if he/she doesn’t like citrus. The efficacy and effectiveness of the sprays are also put under scrutiny. This is because it is difficult to measure whether the user would be consuming the same amount of spray every time he uses these sprays. Moreover, it’s more difficult to be certain whether the hormone substance contained in these sprays would be absorbed fully and if it is indeed absorbed, it is harder to know exactly how much of it is absorbed by the mouth lining and down into the bloodstream. This happens because the HGH molecule is too large to be absorbed through our skin into our bloodstream making it most likely ineffective at increasing HGH levels. Thus, we come to a conclusion that HGH sprays although safe and offer none of the dangers of hgh injections, are not however the most reliable source.

With all this to bear in mind, testosterone boosters such as TestoGen are definitely the safest and most effective solutions.

HGH and Steroids

Steroids are a form of hormone. However, Human Growth Hormones are not anabolic steroids. Steroids are derived from the synthesis of a male hormone called testosterone. Steroids are synthetic human growth hormones. Whereas, HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland.

As we all know, baseball players can stuff themselves with steroids and enhance their athletic performances. However, many researchers have proved that HGH will not help any sportsman enhance his athletic performance. There is another primary difference between steroids and HGH. Consumption of steroids might have negative impacts on the person, like severe risks of regular strokes and testicular shrinkage. Whereas, HGH does not really affect that much.

Therefore, the question is, if HGH does not enhance the muscles like steroids, then why athletes consume HGH. In addition, if it has no side effects as such, then why the heads of league and sports organization against HGH? Years ago, an experiment was conducted on a group of men aging sixty. For six months, they were given HGH on a regular basis. After six months, they had lean body, thicker skin, and denser bones and weighed lesser. HGH had reversed the process of ageing and made them look younger by ten to twenty years.

This, however, cannot do much for the athletes. A chiseled physique would not really help a person hit a ball or may be punch somebody. The connection between lean body caused by HGH and the enhanced athletic performance cannot be figured out. However, unlike steroids, HGH has not really proven or showed that it is beneficial for weight lifters. HGH can improve the muscle definition but cannot really make the muscles that strong. Even in case of cardiovascular activities, HGH has negligible impact.

Yet, many athletes consume HGH. This is because, its subtle enhancement that pushes the energy level in a person to a certain extent, if not a great extent, can be proportionately measured in a setting where it can be easily controlled. A professional athlete can feel slight improvements in its muscle strength and energy level, which would go unnoticed by the statistical tests or scientists. Still there are no concrete reasons why athletes should take HGH and why the sports organization banned the intake of HGH by sportsmen. Besides, HGH is a very good tissue repairer.

Whereas steroids promise strong and bold results. Steroids causes facial hair growth, increase in the muscle mass, depth of the voice deepens and other male characteristics in relation to male puberty. Steroids increase the production of testosterone in the body, resulting in stronger and larger muscle mass. Too much of testosterone circulating in the blood may cause many side effects as well.

A person consuming steroids can suffer from liver tumor, violent mood swings, muscle aches, etc. A kid consuming steroids may suffer from early ageing along with the other side effects.

Steroids are illegal and HGH is somewhat safe. But the best way to live is by living a healthy lifestyle. Why to be caught up in a mess, which might just turn things, words the wrong direction?

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