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Can a natural HGH supplement help to reduce hair loss? Many men and women do not even consider using natural products until they have tried out conventional treatments and medications, which may be a big mistake.

We will see in this article why a HGH supplement can not only improve the condition of your hair but in some cases, stop hair loss.

It has to be said that some cases of hair loss are preventable but sadly, there are others that cannot be remedied. As a rule, hair can still be thickened anywhere that it’s still growing so there is no need to give up just yet if that is your situation.

But it’s not only men who suffer from hair loss. It can happen to women also, which can be very distressing for a woman, so some of this article applies to them too. But first, let’s talk about how hair loss happens and then what can be done about it.

Male hair loss ages

Not so long ago, men with bald heads were laughed at and resorted to all sorts of tricks like growing what little hair they had and combing it over their balding pate, hoping to fool people into thinking they had a good head of hair. We still see the odd case of that nowadays, but being bald is not the stigma it used to be thank goodness. Many men now crop or even shave off their thinning hair and it can be a great way to hide premature baldness. Having said that most men, both young and old, would like to keep their hair as losing it is still considered a sign of old age and can make them look even older.

Thankfully, there are now a number of products available that can help preserve any hair you now have and in some cases, help with regrowth. There are even gadgets such as the Hairmax Laser Comb which doesn’t seem to be very effective for preventing hairloss for some people, whilst others find it does help to boost hairgrowth. As everyone is different it’s hard to say whether or not a laser comb will work for you, but it it does that’s great.

Hair Supplements

If you are experiencing hair loss that will often mean that something is missing in your nutrition. You can take supplements but just remember that your body might only absorb a small percentage them, and will depend on how effective your digestive system works too.

Hair supplements such as Ginseng, Horsetail (equisetum), Nettle, Valerian, Zinc, and Saw Palmetto may be of use in preventing hair loss and could help to stimulate natural growth. One thing I think is really useful is plenty of Omega 3 oil, which can be found in fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines. You can also buy fish oil capsules which are good too, not just for your hair but are useful for your overall health.

Other good sources of Omega 3 are nuts and seeds, and one I particularly like is flaxseed which can be quickly ground up in a coffee grinder and added to oatmeal. In fact I add sunflower and pumpkin seeds too to get a broad mix of essential nutrients and trace elements for good measure. It’s surprising how adding small amounts of minerals to your diet can make such a big difference to your health, including your hair.

I found a lot of good information concerning natural hair loss remedies at this particular website. They’ve done a great job of gathering all the information for regrowing hair naturally and I have no doubt it will help a lot of people who are worried about losing their hair.

Of course male pattern baldness is still the most common cause, but what if you are a woman who is losing her hair? In many ways it is even worse for women to have thinning hair so anything that can help prevent it is welcome.

What if you could stop and prevent male and female hair loss without paying a fortune for treatment, products or pills?

Can a natural HGH supplement reduce hair loss?

Apart from health problems mentioned above, male pattern baldness is one of the leading causes of hair loss and is caused mainly by an androgen called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). On one hand dihydrotestosterone is a good thing as it is associated with male sex drive. I am sure you have heard about bald men having a higher libido, but the downside is hair loss. Human growth hormone – HGH, can prevent testosterone from being converted to dihydrotestosterone and, consequently, help to reduce hair loss in men.

Apart from any improvement in the condition of your hair there are many anti aging benefits of HGH which include:

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Decrease of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Increased metabolism – i.e. helps you to lose weight easier
  • Improved mental focus
  • Higher sexual libido
  • Faster recovery from illness or injury
  • More restful sleep patterns
  • Improved muscle tone

The good thing is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for highly expensive synthetic HGH injections, which do work, but I have to mention all the possible side effects, some of which can be harmful.The safest way to use HGH is actually NOT to ingest it (which doesn’t work) or inject it (which is prohibitively expensive). Instead, the most natural and cost-effective method is to actually stimulate your body to produce its own HGH by natural means.

But, we all get older, right?

True, but we can now do something to fight aging. And why not, we all want to look and feel our best don’t we? Looking and feeling good affects the way people perceive us, whether it’s to attract a mate, get a better job or simply to enjoy life as it should be lived, in enjoyment.

So, if you really want to do something about preventing premature hair loss, thinning hair, greying hair, or simply fighting the aging process in general, then you should think about taking a natural HGH releaser. There is a wide choice available online from which to choose and one of the best HGH releasers can be found here.

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