phenq diet pills
Making the right choice on a diet pill may be more challenging than you think, especially if you’re trying to tailor it to your own specific male body chemistry. The makers of PhenQ for Men hope to be able to successfully navigate that difficult path in providing an effective weight loss supplement which also helps you build lean muscle.
Weight loss and muscle building are both priorities for men, and we need to take a closer look at PhenQ for Men to see if it can really give you the results it promises.


Citrus aurantium – Provides energy and helps to naturally burn fat; also an appetite suppressant.
Green tea – A popular fat burners that also has contains healthy antioxidant benefits.
Guggulsterones – Used to amplify and maintain lean muscle mass, guggulsterones can develop tone and workouts at the simultaneously.
Evodiamine – An all natural and stimulant free fat burner
Yohimbine HCL – A natural male aphrodisiac that some say also increases tesotosterone and libido
Guarana – Used to increase natural energy levels, this can help you to boost your exercise.
Caffeine – Commonly used to increase energy, giving you more stamina to lose weight.
Gymnema sylvestre – A natural way to manage blood sugar and cravings with a low carb diet.
7-keto DHEA – One of the most effective (and stimulant free) fat burners Cinnamon – Also helps with controllling blood sugar, also improving diabetes in some cases.
Alpha lipoic acid – A natural antioxidant, used to destroy free radicals, thus improving workouts.
Uva ursi – A natural diuretic which is used to flush toxins from your body.
Dandelion – Also used as a diuretic.
Kelp – An all natural ingredient, kelp is a stimulant free fat burner.
L-tyrosine – A naturally occurring amino acid that can be used to sustain healthy muscle mass.
Ginger root – Used to improve your digestion; important in any healthy diet.


PhenQ for Men contains a mix of components that can arguably help you achieve healthy weight loss results. It seems to have medically proven ingredients of various types, this product isn’t necessarily geared only for men. While we can do see that PhenQ for Men has many good components, we would recommend it only if you have realistic expectations. This product is not a miracle supplement, and you should not believe everything it advertises.

PhenQ is the newest formula from the popular Xenadrine line, promising the ultimate combination of key weight loss ingredients to burn fat, suppress appetite, and help you to lose weight the natural way. Describing multiple human clinical trials, PhenQ uses a relatively new weight loss compound added to the traditional caffeine for more energy.

What Is This New Compound?

PhenQ is one of a few products using the combination of lady’s mantle, cumin, olive leaf, and mint leaf. While none of these ingredients are typically used for weight loss, the combination has been through multiple human clinical trials that prove that it can help you to lose weight.
This combination of ingredients has been used to burn fat, suppress appetite, and even increase energy. This blend is completely stimulant-free, but it has been used in its whole form to promote significant weight loss with subjects in one 8 week study losing an average of 17 pounds whereas the placebo group lost an average of 2.
A second 12 week clinical study ended in subjects losing an average of 21 pounds whereas the placebo group again lost an average of just 2. Of course, both tests directed subjects to follow a low calorie diet.

What About the Caffeine?

PhenQ’ other ingredient outside of this key blend is caffeine, an ingredient that has literally ben used in just about every popular diet pill in the industry for years. It has been used to promote a potentially powerful thermogenic fat burning effect, and it also increases energy.
Yes, caffeine can cause some side effects such as overstimulation, a racing heart, headaches, insomnia, etc. However, with reasonable amounts of caffeine, side effects vary from person to person.

Is PhenQ Going to Produce Weight Loss?

PhenQ is predicated on a relatively new discovery in weight loss, but this combination of ingredients is one of the few that has been through multiple human clinical trials that prove that it can increase weight loss. When combined with caffeine, PhenQ can help some users to lose substantial amounts of weight.
Xenadrine may not have the cleanest record, but PhenQ seems to be a strong option for the line and for the weight loss industry in general. However, how you use PhenQ and if it helps you to lose weight depends largely on you and your diet and exercise plan.