TestRX – This is Your Best Natural Testosterone Booster

TestRXIs TestRX a gym supplement or testosterone booster? It’s a little of both, actually – and it’s very good at that!

Rated: Excellent

  • Boosts Natural Testosterone
  • Build Bigger Muscles
  • Have More Energy
  • Increase Your Strength
  • Lose Weight Easier
  • Boost Your Strength
  • Rev Up Your Sex Drive

In This Review…

I’m not one to mince words and that applies twice as much to the health supplements industry. So without further ado, let’s get to it. In this TestRX review we’re going to look at:

1. How it Works

TestRX is a natural testosterone booster. It’s made with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that boost the body’s natural production of testosterone.

With more testosterone, you’re got more energy. You’ve also got easier weight loss, more muscle, stronger sex drive and more of the body you had in your twenties.

You already know about Low T. TestRX helps you get it back.

It’s important to clarify that TestRX is not a drug. It has no synthetic testosterone. Rather, it tells your body to make more testosterone on its own, with a formula shown to help boost this manly hormone back to youthful levels.

And with a formula like this, TestRX is very, very good at doing just that.

2. Pros

TestRX has a lot going for it. This is an excellent formula and the product is made in the United States by a company (Leading Edge Health) that has an excellent reputation. The TestRX benefits include:

  • Boosts Natural Testosterone
  • Excellent Formula
  • No Drugs Involved
  • Brings Back Your Younger Body
  • Gives You More Energy
  • Easier to Lose Weight
  • Stronger Sex Drive
  • Encourages Better Virility


3. Cons

That’s what works with TestRX. So what are the Cons?

  • Takes At Least 30 Days to Work
  • You Can’t Buy it in Stores
  • A Little Pricey

Don’t forget that it’s pretty common for all health supplements to take at least 30 days to deliver noticeable effects because the ingredients need time to accumulate and go to work in your body.

TestRX is no exception to that. But the payoff is very much worth it, so stay the course and your body will thank you.

4. Formula

Here’s where TestRX really shines. This is a formula with high impact nutrients and dosed for results that can help you live the life of a dude in control. The TestRX formula includes?

Fenugreek – This is an herb that appears to blast body fat. It may help you get hard as well.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that may boost your testosterone by up to 25%.

Vitamin 2K – Vitamin K appears to stabilize testosterone levels. As well, it appears to help the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B6 – This is linked to testosterone production. It’s also part of the ‘ZMA’ combination, which you may have heard of for its testosterone-boosting properties.

Magnesium – Magnesium helps deliver electrolytes to your muscles. It’s shown to boost athletic performance, strength and testosterone levels.

Zinc – Zinc is shown to raise testosterone levels and boost physical stamina. It may also help your virility.

D Aspartic Acid – A 2009 study found D Aspartic Acid boosted testosterone in men by 43%. It should help your testosterone levels, sexual performance, and a variety of factors linked to low T.

I should also clarify how well TestRX is dosed. If a formula is too weak, it doesn’t work. Too strong, and there could be safety concerns.

TestRX is expertly dosed and helped me see big results in the gym, with weight loss, in the bedroom and other areas of my life. I felt like a dude in charge of things with TestRX – and nope, I experienced no side effects at all.

5. TestRX Side Effects

What he said. I had no problems with TestRX and haven’t heard of guys having side effects with it.

That doesn’t mean it’s completely safe though.

You’ll want to speak with your doctor before using TestRX for the first time – especially if you have a specific health concern or condition, of if you’re currently taking some form of medication.

Beyond that, if there’s nothing in your medical background that would cause a problem, I think you’ll be fine.

6. Before and After

I used TestRX for about 10 months. While I am an overall healthy guy and didn’t have any specific issue when I started using TestRX, my life improved considerably by the end of my testing.

So, Month 1. Truth be told, I really didn’t feel much with TestRX for the first week or two. It was about three weeks before I really felt anything with TestRX. That came in the form of more energy and easier weight loss.

I was already in the gym about 4 times a week before TestRX. I definitely had better stamina in the weight room between one and three months. And with more stamina came better results.

This is subjective – I didn’t actually take a tape and literally measure myself during this time.

But I definitely looked ripped, and I felt like I could bench press the planet.

I also found TestRX helped me in the bedroom. Not to get graphic, but hardness was definitely not a problem while using the product.

I wanted sex a lot more, and yup, I usually got it.

In short, TestRX helped me in the weight room and the bedroom. Sex and muscles – that’s what TestRX did for me during 10 of the best months of my life.

Perhaps more than anything though, it’s what TestRX did for my perspective. With more testosterone, the world just seemed like a better place.

I’m not talking about being an alpha gorilla, running around, starting fights and generally being a nincompoop. I’m talking about just being a dude in control and the world is cool.

They say guys lose up to 10% of their testosterone each decade after 30. Some men are higher and others are lower, but it’s no surprise that some researchers now believe ‘male menopause’ (also called ‘andropause’) is a real thing.

Even a 20% loss of testosterone can make you feel down in the dumps. And during the all-too-brief months that I used TestRX, I got a glimpse of what it feels like to get that back.

7. Value

I’m the first to admit that TestRX isn’t cheap. It’s an excellent value though – especially when you consider the potency of this formula and the better quality of life it can bring your way.

So let’s talk about how to get the most bang for your dollar.

A single box of TestRX is $69.95.

That’s not bad, but let’s save some money here. Three Months is $179.95, and very notably, it comes with Free Global Shipping.

Go a little higher and you can have 5 Months of TestRX at $299.95 – or the Granddaddy of value with TestRX, the 6 Month Supply.

At $339.95, this puts 6 months of more sex and bigger muscles in your life, and puts $80 in savings back in your pocket.

As with all 3+ month orders of TestRX, you get Free Global Shipping as well.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely hit your best results with TestRX between three and six months (and you’ll need to keep using TestRX otherwise your testosterone will plummet).

For that reason, it’s advisable to buy a package of at least four months – and probably six.

You won’t want to hit your stride with TestRX just as your supply runs out.

8. Where to Buy TestRX

Buy TestRX from its official store only. This eliminates the chance you’ll end up with a fake supplement. While that isn’t a huge concern with TestRX, fakes of popular health supplements pop up on occasion, and TestRX definitely qualifies for that.

Buy TestRX here, only, and you’re totally fine:


9. Guarantee

TestRX has a 67 day guarantee. That’s decent – it’s more than enough time to try TestRX and get your money back in the event it doesn’t work.

My money says it will.

10. Conclusion

TestRX is the best natural testosterone booster.

Yes, I just said that.

There’s so many things working with TestRX, starting with that expertly crafted formula, the safety, the company reputation and those life-changing results.

It comes down to this: when you use TestRX, you’re going to have a lot more energy. You’ll feel back in top, where ever you need to step up.

You’ll have bigger muscles if you it the gym, you’ll lose weight easier, and you’ll probably have more action in bed.

TestRX boosts testosterone. And when it does, between 3-6 months, you’ll feel like a changed dude.

I’ve tested a lot of testosterone boosters. TestRX had the biggest impact for me. Factor in the formula, the value and the company that makes it, and TestRX is a winner.

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